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Biomass Boiler systems. Feed systems for your biomass boiler.

manual feed system
Fuelling by hand.

Pellets are stored in pre-packed bags (normally 10-15kg) for ease of handling and convenience. The bags can be purchased individually or delivered on a pallet, making them ideal for smaller domestic applications and eco properties. Refueling commonly takes place every one or two days.
automatic feed system
Automatic vacuum transfer.

Pellets are stored remotely in a large purpose designed store or sack silo. Local to the boiler is small pellet hopper. When the pellet level of this hopper drops below the preset level, the system automatically refills using vacuum transfer from the main pellet bunker. Used in larger properties where pellets will be bulk delivered.
auger feed system
Automatic auger transfer.

Pellets are stored in a large bunker local to the boiler installation. The pellets are auger fed directly from the bunker into the boiler as energy is required. Normally used in larger commercial installations where pellet quality cannot be guaranteed.
wood chip feed system
Wood chip feed systems.

Wood chip boilers employ delivery systems designed to transport wood chips, wood shavings and wood pellets. Wood chips are typically stored in a timber floored bunker. A flexi-blade agitating head feeds the fuel into a central auger which then transports the material into the boiler feed system. For large bunkers the blades are hinged for extra reach, but otherwise work in the same way. Wood chips are more bulky than pellets. Delivery in bulk is usual for wood chips and provision to deposit them into the bunker by tipping and/or conveying is designed into the installation. Key considerations are access for vehicles, proximity to boiler and frequency and method of fuel delivery. Wood chip delivery modules can be installed through 180 degrees left to right of the boiler, which means they can be integrated into almost any location.

feed system
Feed systems for your biomass boiler.
Based on the layout of the building, size of the fuel store, boiler capacity and fuel type, we offer custom tailored delivery systems, from spring steel blade and jointed arm delivery to silo and walking floor delivery. HDG delivery systems are designed to be robust and solid. Moreover, they offer a hassle-free means of quietly and reliably supplying your system with fuel. Spring steel blade delivery systems, transport and meter fuel such as saw shavings, pellets and chips up to a size of G50 (medium coarseness from 30 to 50 mm).
boiler house
Boiler House
boiler installation picture
Boiler Installation

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