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Biomass Boiler Installation : In a detached rural property : A Case Study

Mr. Evans of Pateley Bridge.
boiler boiler boiler house tdaboiler SHT TDA Thermodual 40.
Standard Features:
Fully-automatic ignition for pellets and logs.
Automatic operation selection (pellets or logs) without change-over.
Automatic self-cleaning grate.
Patented multi-flow air-wave system.
Installer: Biomass Boiler Sales
Date: October 2013
Application: SHT TDA Thermodual boiler to heat a domestic property.
Previous Heating Type: Oil
Boiler Installed: SHT TDA Thermodual 40
Fuel Type: Wood Pellets or logs
Feed Type: Manual fill hopper
Estimated Fuel Saving: £3278 pa*
(£48,175 over the expected boiler life cycle)
Estimated RHI Payment: £9024 pa**
(£63,172 over the seven year repayment term)

Biomass Boiler Sales supply, install and commission a SHT TDA Thermodual 40 combined log and pellet boiler to heat and provide hot water for a domestic property.

In a world where we all need to reduce our dependence on fixed carbon fuel sources such as oil, it’s good to have options that are both greener and cleaner.
That is exactly what the owner of this domestic rural property in Hebden Bridge decided to do.

After a survey by our expert engineers and consultation with customer requirements the TDA Thermodual 40 was identified as the ideal choice for this property.
The boiler, fill hopper and fuel storage unit was sited in a building adjacent to the property.

Automatic ignition system.
The boiler utilises a lambda controller to ensure the boiler is always operating at the highest levels of efficiency when burning pellets. Ignition of the logs is automatic, utilising a ceramic ignition element to start their combustion and ensure only a short start up period until the boiler is at full working temperature. If no logs have been loaded the boiler will automatically burn wood pellets.

Unique to the market.
The TDA Thermodual 40 will switch automatically from burning wood logs to wood pellets, and vice versa, without the need to change grates, air flaps, or boiler settings. The TDA Thermodual 40 is the ultimate in wood log/pellet dual fuel boilers. Wood logs can be added to the boiler at any time – regardless of whether the boiler is already running in pellet mode.
It is a unique biomass boiler designed to run on both wood logs and wood pellets. The boiler is the only biomass boiler that allows for the efficient and continuous operation using both wood logs and wood pellets, automatically switching between fuels as required.

Specialised weather compensation heating control provides significant fuel efficiency.
By altering the temperature in the heating system according to the outside temperature, weather compensation can significantly improve the efficiency of a heating system - reducing energy usage by as much as 20%.
The controller of the TDA Thermodual 40 is capable of operating two hot water circuits and six heating circuits with weather compensation. An additional heating circuit controller allows a further two heating circuits, and a hot water cylinder, to be controlled from the TDA.

Benefits and Savings. The financial incentives.
Installing a biomass boiler from Biomass Boiler Sales eliminates the reliance on fossil fuels, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.
Along with the environmental benefits, heating with biomass has some very attractive financial incentives with an estimated fuel saving of over £3278* per annum (£48,175 over the expected boiler life cycle) and an estimated RHI payment of £9024** per annum for the next 7 years to the customer, a total of £63,172, which more than repays the initial capital outlay.
In addition, there is also a potential one off RHI Premium Payment of £950.
After seven years ( the domestic RHI repayment time ) the customer will still continue to benefit from the vastly reduced ongoing fuel costs offered by using biomass as a fuel source.

Testimonial from the customer:
'We investigated our options for a biomass boiler extensively and sought quotes and input from a number of different companies. However it was only Gary at Biomass Boiler Sales that was able to give us the information we needed in a candid manner that left us in no doubt about both the benefits and drawbacks to installing and running a Biomass boiler. The specification was swift and we were soon in possession of a quote, with a detailed breakdown of the costs and benefits we could expect. Once installed, we soon began to see the benefits of the system, which was actually simpler to use than we expected and runs far more efficiently and effectively than our previous oil fired system. We are pleased to say that we are very happy with the result'
Matthew and Emily Evans. 2013
As a quick note, we are approaching 2,200 hours operation at this stage (with approx. 235 hours pellet burning and 420 hours log burning). The meter is showing just below 15MWh.
*Figures based on current oil prices at 65p per litre incl. vat. and logs at £ 75 per Tonne. 15 year boiler life cycle.
**Final tariffs have not been decided. Figures based on a tariff of 12.2p p/kWh. These tariffs will be paid for seven years for every kilowatt hour of heat that is deemed to be produced and used. Find out the latest domestic RHI payments you can receive here...

In some cases, the heat output will be metered. In this case then the householder will be paid according to the metered heat use provided this is no greater than the deemed heat use.
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